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Rapper, actor, music producer and fashion designer. The Ohio native was first discovered at the age of 5 by Snoop Dogg and featured on the entertainment icon’s groundbreaking Doggystyle album. After being teamed a few years later with Jermaine Dupri, Lil Bow Wow exploded onto the music scene in 2000 with Beware of Dog, the first in a string of platinum and gold albums (he’s sold more than 10 mil…lion albums to date) that spawned six No. 1 singles and such platinum songs as “Let Me Hold You,” “Like You,” “Shortie Like Mine” and “Outta My System.” Changing his stage moniker to simply Bow Wow in 2003, he is the Youngest Solo Rapper To Ever Hit No. 1, as recognized by the Guinness Book Of World Records, and has sold more than 14 million digital assets. Bow Wow’s upcoming release New Jack City II is his sixth studio album on Columbia Records. In addition to his impressive music career, Bow Wow has also found regular work in Hollywood, beginning with Like Mike (2002) and successive film appearances including Johnson Family Vacation (2004), Roll Bounce (2005), and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006). He has also made guest appearances on Smallville and Ugly Betty, and recently joined the cast of HBO’s Entourage. He has a prominent role in the forthcoming film Hurricane Season , due in theaters Spring/Summer 2009. Adding to his impressive resume, Bow Wow was recently hand selected by Stephon Marbury to be the first entertainer to join Marbury in his Starbury movement (the athletic apparel and footwear company revolutionizing the clothing industry with its stylish and affordable products.) Bow Wow’s male and female clothing and sneaker lines will debut in late 2009. NEW JACK CITY II differs from Bow Wow’s previous bodies of work offering an introspective glance inside the youngster’s mental. And with the first single, “Roc The Mic,” Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri show their bond stands stronger than ever as the two rap about their mutual admiration for each other and the fatherson like bond between them. Bow Wow caters to his large female fan base with hits like “Sunshine,” “I Ain’t Playin’,” “You Can Get It All,” “Like This” and “She’s My.” He goes on to tackle mature subject matter with “Pole In My Basement” and “Been Doin This,” and remains raw on “Big (That’s What They Call Me),” “Get That Paper,” and on the hyperactive “Shake It,” produced by Swizz Beatz. People will definitely hear what Bow Wow’s saying on “Anything You Can Do.” Here, Bow Wow reaches his creative apex by talking trash about himself to himself by assuming the Lil Bow Wow and the Bow Wow personas and by rapping back and forth in a voice that represents each perspective. New Jack City II hits stores on Tuesday, March 31st.


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