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Baby Bash cooks up feelgood hip hop peppered with classy R&B bravado, soaring pop melodies and saucy grooves. His alchemy of rap, reggae and Latin styles has made Bash one of the most soughtout producers and writers in the game, leading to collaborations with everyone from Carlos Santana and Whitney Houston to Flo Rida and Jennifer Lopez. However, this is only the beginning. 2009 has already seen him drop one of his catchiest collaborations to date, “That’s How I Go.” Featuring Lil John and Mario, the song showcases the best elements of Bash’s signature sound. Immediately upon impacting Top 40 radio, “That’s How I Go” can get the club bouncing, but it also swoons with a sexy vibe. It’s the perfect precursor to his forthcoming fourth fulllength album due out via Arista Records this summer. Once again, Bash’s longtime producers Happy Perez (Frankie J) and Ryan Tedder (Timbaland, Bubba Sparxxx) will oversee the late 2009 release’s production. That essential Bash sound combines unique melodies to even the hardest club banger beats. “My formula is ear candy. ‘That’s How I Go’ is quintessential Bash. It has a nationwide bounce. It’s fun. I want people to enjoy the music, dance and smile.” His happiness is infectious, and that feelgood vibe has made him a platinumselling mainstay on the urban, mainstream and Latin charts. Hailing from Vallejo, California, Bash found inspiration in classic west coast rap as a kid, and his passion for hip hop pushed him to excel as an independent rapper at a young age. “I did it all on my own. I grew up in the hood, and I’ve seen the worst of the worst. Even through the tough times, I was always a jolly dude. I know that life, and it inspired me to do something positive with my music.” Bash honors his heritage through a Latin sonic sensibility, but his sound still bears an urban grit and gusto. He made a big splash in 2003 with his debut Tha Smokin’ Nephew. His 2005 sophomore smash, Super Saucy, yielded the megahit “Suga Suga,” featuring longtime collaborator and friend Frankie J. The song lit up the airwaves and the dance floors. Another big single alongside Akon, “Baby, I’m Back,” followed, and Bash solidified himself as a live presence on a highly successful tour. He has also appeared on cuts like “Obsession,” a massive hit from Frankie’s platinum record The One. In the meantime, Bash wrote the Paula DeAnda track, “Doin’ Too Much,” which helped ignite her career. Bash’s 2007 album, Cyclone, his first for Arista, blew the roof off everything. The first single, “Cyclone,” with TPain, went on to platinum sales as a ringtone, and the album brandished incendiary collaborations with Keith Sweat and Sean Kingston. Bash and TPain’s music video for “Cyclone” received more than one million views on Youtube in the span of a mere week. In that same year, Bash became the second most searched for Latin artist, behind Paula Deanda, on MySpace, and currently, his MySpace profile has garnered over 18 million views with over 24 million hits for his MySpace Playlist as well. More than ever, Bash has become a hot commodity in the studio. He’s penned brand new tracks for both Flo Rida and Plies, due out this year. He’s also written hits alongside bona fide trailblazers. “I’ve collaborated with everyone from Carlos Santana and Jennifer Lopez to ghetto legends like Pimp C from UGK and Nate Dogg. I’m a wellrounded guy. For Santana to allow me to be on his record is the only stamp of approval for my career that I’m ever going to need. It was such a blessing.” He truly can adapt into any studio situation and make gold. His diversity even recently extended to the Australian charttopper, “Teardrops,” with Kate Alexa. Bash never stops working either. “I consider myself a producer more than anything else,” he explains. “When I work with another artist, I’m going to contribute to the whole song—the arrangement, the prechorus and the chorus. I take pride in my producing, whether it’s for me, Prima J, Jesse McCartney or anybody else. I’m a producer and a studioholic.” Another upcoming jam, “Girls Gone Wild,” is particularly fun and fiery. Featuring his 2008 touring partner, Pitbull, Baby Bash once again pushes the limits. “U.S. fans are ready for a Baby Bash and Pitbull hit. With him being from Miami and me being from California and Houston, it’s a great collaboration.” In the end, for Baby Bash it’s all about smiling through everything and making music that is ultimately for everyone. “These days I think people need feelgood music because it’s a crazy world out there and times are tough, especially now.” He continues, “I am a hardworking dude and I write for my hardworking fans who want to dance and smile at the end of the day. I build relationships with every fan and everyone in the industry that I meet. I want to be a people’s champ.” There’s no doubt he’ll be grinning round after round, all the way to the top.


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