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Demo Submission

We are happy to receive your unsolicited demo submissions at Southern Way Entertainment and we listen to all music that we receive.

Please send your demo to us using the form below. You can upload a maximum of 3 songs and you may experience a short wait while the files are uploaded to our server. Please include links to your website or social media page and include a short biography and contact details.

If your only option is to send us a physical copy of your songs, our postal address can be found on our Contact Us page. Please include an S.A.E. with your submission if you require us to return your demo to you, otherwise we will not do so.

As we receive a very high volume of material, we cannot guarantee a response to your submission. However, if we like what we hear we will of course be in touch. We regret we are unable to provide individual feedback about demo submissions.

We look forward to hearing your songs.

Submit your Demo

Use the form below to request to become an artist with Southern Way Entertainment:
Please be as accurate and specific as possible