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Outstanding music, whether brand new or evergreen, deserves to be heard. With a powerful global network and first class resources we deliver results on a star studded catalogue and help establish exciting new talent. We understand the needs of our songwriters and work closely with them to achieve their creative goals.


We help established and new recording artists, producers, music supervisors, directors, editors and advertisers discover exactly what they need. From country, R&B, rap, rock, soul, bluegrass, gospel, and jazz, our titles span a century of American music.

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How do music publishers find new talented songwriters and composers and how do they encourage them to develop their skill?

As a result of the digital era, songwriters and composers can be discovered on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. There still remains traditional methods of live concerts, documented sales history, and introduction by record labels and other creatives. Music publishers are mostly looking for songwriters and composers that have the potential in the near future to earn money through film/tv synch or mechanical and performance royalties. Southern Way Entertainment's creative team knows that this can be assisted by pitching music to the appropriate outets and connecting our composers with a web of talent and executives looking for songs.

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